Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Login Button Missing

Last week, I was informed by Commonwealth Bank of Australia that they would be changing the look and feel for their Net banking screen. I thought that great as they should be making it more users friendly. On weekend, I went to check the page and login to the site. Unfortunately, I was unable to login into site as they forgot to put the Logon button. Yes, there was no logon button. I called help desk and was told yes some of browser have this issues. You can't use enter button as its trapped using JavaScript and you are prompt for that. Finally, I tried using it was Firefox and there you go. It worked....
So, someone forgot to test the site on Internet Explorer as if that not the most common used browser 
I dig more and found that there was in fact a logon button which was not visible on IE. You could go to this using tab and will find a hidden box selected. Clicking on that took me inside the net banking.
A nice workaround :-). I think CBA would focus more on user ability testing from next time